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The Oak IQ Story

Oak IQ Investments is a Kansas City based real estate investment firm that started with a mission to provide successful entrepreneurs with a better way to build wealth through passive real estate investments. We saw that many entrepreneurs were too busy to build any substantial wealth through DIY real estate, but weren't aware of a better way.

Aaron Leatherdale
Founder and Chief Freedom Strategist

"As an entrepreneur myself, I understand how entrepreneurs operate. I know they appreciate challenges, and value control and freedom. Entrepreneurs will work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week for someone else! I recognized that many entrepreneurs knew the power of real estate but lacked the time to pursue it. At Oak IQ Investments, we aim to help entrepreneurs establish a portfolio of real estate investments that offer truly passive income along with sizable growth potential."

Aaron Leatherdale and Caleb Edward talking.
Aaron Leatherdale and Caleb Edward working.

Oak IQ Investments set out to establish a truly passive way for investors to achieve income and growth equal to or greater than doing it themselves.

Caleb Edwards
Investor Education and Chief Freedom Architect

“Every Successful entrepreneur I know started with one core value: Freedom. The problem is that many of them find themselves often enslaved to their own success. Their business demands more of their time than ever before, and the idea of building a legitimate real estate portfolio that is truly passive seems impossible.”

The goal was to give successful entrepreneurs the opportunity to unlock all of the benefits of real estate investing in a way that was truly passive.

The goal was to give successful entrepreneurs the opportunity to unlock all of the benefits of real estate Investing in a way that was truly passive. Oak IQ Investments found success early on in multifamily apartment investments despite economic uncertainty. We have assembled a top-notch team with proven expertise in acquisition, debt structure, equity and capital raising, asset management, in-house construction, and property management optimization. By leveraging the operational expertise of the Oak IQ team, entrepreneurs are now able to secure a stronger, smarter future backed by passive real estate. 

By the numbers: Success leaves clues

We are proud of what we have accomplished alongside our investors, and we are poised for continual growth.
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Oak IQ Core Values

Our strength is in our plan, our people, and our process.


Our business model is anchored by a core philosophy: value drives growth. We source undervalued or mismanaged assets and partner with investors to acquire them. We oversee the rehab, management, stabilization, and sale of those assets. We also have an extensive network to bring value through brand new development projects. We work alongside investors to acquire land and develop new "build to rent" multifamily apartment buildings that create immediate substantial value. Even during turbulent economic times, multifamily real estate has consistently been proven to be a safe haven for wealth preservation and growth.


The Oak IQ team consists of seasoned operators who have the time, skills, and discipline required to identify opportunities with tremendous profit potential, while avoiding the many dangers and pitfalls in this industry. Every deal we put together has been carefully vetted to ensure a mix of cash flow, appreciation, and tax benefits for our investors. Our ultimate value for people transcends beyond our in-house team to our investors. We work hard to establish strong investor relationships through industry leading communication and process.


We employ fully transparent and innovative processes from start to finish on every deal we do. Our investors are not only provided with the plan, but are also given full transparency throughout the process of executing that plan. We believe that the best deals are created, not found. We are experts at innovative problem solving, and our processes reflect that innovation.


Our people
Aaron Leatherdale
Founder and Chief Freedom Strategist

Aaron Leatherdale is a born entrepreneur who caught the real estate “bug” at age 22 when he purchased his first 4plex. Aaron then went on to build a portfolio of 40+ rental units in the US and Canada while launching multiple businesses including SFR home-flipping, a short term rental business (Airbnb’s), an outdoor advertising company, and a sales business serving real estate investors across the nation and generating over $3MM of sales in its first year. Aaron also built a property management company from scratch with 60+ rental units for the sole purpose of learning and experiencing firsthand the PM business, only to dissolve that company and liquidate his portfolio to invest the equity into larger assets.

In 2021, Aaron founded Oak IQ Investments and grew the company to $115MM+ of multifamily AUM in 3 states. Aaron is also the founder and CEO of Arkbuilt Construction which currently oversees $7MM+ of renovation projects in Kansas City.

When it comes to real estate investing, Aaron’s philosophy is, “You don’t find deals, you create them”. As a result, Aaron has been involved in many unique and creative real estate transactions including converting condominiums to multifamily properties, compiling townhomes and houses into packages and selling them for a profit, wholesaling, house-hacking, NNN master leases of multifamily properties, purchase options, high-end SFR flips, short term rentals, renovating properties destroyed by fire, complex syndications and JV partnerships, seller-financed deals, 1031 exchanges, and various TIC structures designed to defer tax. Aaron has negotiated and transacted on a wide range of investment properties from packages of SFR’s all the way up to 300+ unit Class A apartment buildings straight from the developer.

Aaron is highly skilled and knowledgeable with creative financing and varied capital stacks including low/no money down deals, owner-financing and seller carry back loans, hard money/private loans (secured and unsecured), mezz debt, pref equity, common equity, conventional mortgages in both the US and Canada, bank debt, and Fannie/Freddie agency financing.

A persistent negotiator and optimist, Aaron has closed many deals that others said could not be closed. With a winning mindset, Aaron finds fulfillment and joy in adding value wherever possible, and helping his clients, partners, and friends grow into their fullest potential.

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Caleb Edwards
Investor Education and Chief Freedom Architect

Caleb Edwards is a seasoned entrepreneur who has successfully launched and managed multiple businesses and non-profit organizations throughout his life. From an early age, Caleb had a passion for entrepreneurship, starting his first business, a landscaping company, at just 11 years old. While family and faith have always been his top priority, Caleb's business ventures have allowed him to pursue financial security and growth for his loved ones. However, a personal crisis involving his son's health forced Caleb to reevaluate his approach to investing and wealth-building. After losing nearly half of his portfolio, Caleb discovered a powerful approach to passively investing in real estate that provided high returns without requiring constant attention. Now, Caleb is motivated to help other entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom without sacrificing their personal lives by sharing his expertise in alternative passive investments.

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Brad Grizzle

Mr. Grizzle is the Director of Asset Management at Oak IQ Investments. Originally from Fort Smith, Arkansas, Mr. Grizzle worked in multifamily, commercial, and single family property maintenance, and as a licensed real estate agent and investor.

He graduated with a BA in business administration from the University of Arkansas, and an MBA from John Brown University. He has worked in international disaster relief reconstruction projects, and has extensive project management experience in the US and overseas.

Prior to transitioning to Oak IQ, Mr. Grizzle worked as a sales and business development rep for a Fortune 500 logistics company.

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Jennifer Grizzle
Executive Admin

Mrs. Grizzle is the Executive Administrator at Oak IQ. Her prior experience includes 3+ years in banking as an Investment Assistant and Financial Services Representative. She contributed to the management of client accounts while maintaining and developing client relationships. She also assisted new customers and small business owners in opening new accounts and processing loan applications.

Prior to banking, Mrs. Grizzle worked as a Project Manager for a non-profit organization in Kansas City. Her role included working with the donor retention team overseeing a database of over 2000 donors.

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Matthew Mills
Accounts Manager

Mr. Mills has over 16 years of bookkeeping and financial software experience, and has been working at Oak IQ Investments since its inception. In addition to his bookkeeping background, Mills helped create and run a property management company for 3 years, and served as a legal assistant for both plaintiff and defense attorneys for 6 years.

Mills earned his Masters Degree in Public Health and Biostatistics from the University of Southern Mississippi. He enjoys writing and teaching, and currently serves on the board of 3 non-profit organizations. He lives with his wife and 4 children on a hobby farm with cows and chickens.

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Wayne Johnson
Fund Management Partner

Wayne Johnson, along with his wife Bethany, is a testament to the power of determination, resilience, and the courage to design a life beyond traditional norms. Leaving behind a prosperous career in technology consulting, Wayne felt the urge to take control of his own destiny, seeking a lifestyle by design rather than mere financial success.

Unyielding in his pursuit, Wayne built a thriving business that eventually surpassed $700 million in sales. This remarkable achievement, however, was not immune to the unpredictability of business landscapes. It vanished overnight, leaving Wayne at a crossroads. However, his unwavering commitment to a lifestyle designed by his own hands, rather than dictated by circumstances, led him to rise once again.

With the insights garnered from his previous ventures and an unwavering commitment to his principles, Wayne launched his current venture in the nutritional and health industry. Despite its challenges, this endeavor has achieved massive success, further affirming Wayne's belief in the power of dedication and strategic planning.

Yet, Wayne's vision extended beyond the cash flow generated by his business. He understood the importance of transmuting the business-generated cash into assets, assets that would not only yield more cash flow but also appreciate in value. He spent years honing this concept privately, achieving substantial success.

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Bob Fraser

Robert Fraser is a finance and technology executive with over 20 years of experience who is passionate about educating others about alternative investments. In 2012, he co-founded Aspen Funds, a fund management company focused on alternative investments, where he is responsible for financial management, portfolio modeling, as well as systems and processes.

Fraser is the co-host of the Invest Like a Billionaire podcast where he joins his son, Ben, and Aspen co-founder Jim Maffuccio, to dive into the world of alternative investments and speak with successful investors. The trio also discusses economic trends, including megatrends such as inflation, energy prices and deglobalization. The goal is to empower others looking to explore less volatile investment opportunities improving their portfolio’s performance and enabling them to become more financially secure.

Prior to Aspen Funds, Fraser founded NetSales, Inc., a back-office e-commerce provider, in 1995. Under his leadership, the company grew at an average of 20% month-to-month and became the fastest-growing company in its metro area between 1997 and 1999.

A Magna Cum Laude U.C. Berkeley computer scientist, Fraser has also been honored with an Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Since 2002 Fraser has founded and served on several non-profit organizations’ boards of directors and as CFO. Fraser has also been involved in a number of entrepreneurial initiatives, including book publishing, financial consulting, and being an investment fund managing member.

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Jim Maffuccio

Mr. Maffuccio is a 30-year real estate veteran and an expert in mortgage notes. He is deeply networked in the secondary mortgage industry and is responsible for acquisitions and underwriting as well as relationships with primary sources and key vendors. Maffuccio received his degree in civil engineering from Louisiana State University in 1979. Upon graduating, Mr. Maffuccio moved to the West Coast and gained extensive project management experience with Exxon. From 1986 to present, Mr. Maffuccio has been engaged full time in the real estate development and investment industry. In addition, he has overseen several hundred purchase, sale, and/or financing transactions, and has been a licensed real estate agent since 1985.

During his real estate career, Mr. Maffuccio developed, and/or rehabbed multiple residential projects in Southern California, including infill subdivisions, affordable homes, luxury homes and homesites, multifamily, and planned developments, such as the Gold Nugget Award-winning “Traditions” community in Fillmore. Mr. Maffuccio has personally executed and/or managed every aspect of the development process, including site selection and acquisition, project conceptualization and design, procurement of entitlements and permits, regulatory compliance, entity structuring and capitalization, construction management, marketing, sales, and investor relations.

In 2009, Mr. Maffuccio began investing in mortgage loans, developing key sources and vendors and applying his extensive real estate experience to the note investment space. In 2012 Maffuccio co-founded Aspen Funds, a fund management company focused on mortgage investments.

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Ben Fraser

Ben Fraser is the Chief Investment Officer at Aspen Funds, where he combines his analytical nature with a passion for delivering outstanding client service and strong returns through out-of-the-box investments. With a professional background that spans over a decade, Ben has become an expert in the field of investment management and has worked for several reputable financial institutions.

Ben is the co-host of the Invest Like a Billionaire podcast, where he joins his father, Robert, co-founder and CFO of Aspen Funds, along with co-founder Jim Maffuccio, to discuss economic trends and best practices for alternative investing.

Prior to joining Aspen, Ben served as a Commercial Lender at First Business Bank, one of the top SBA lenders in the nation. There, he specialized in government-backed loan originations, specifically SBA and USDA loans. Before that, he worked as a Commercial Credit Underwriter for Crossfirst Bank, where he personally underwrote over $125MM in C&I and CRE loans across various industries.

Ben also has experience working in the asset management industry, having served as a key member of the team at Tortoise Capital Advisors. At Tortoise, he helped grow institutional managed accounts from ~$3BN AUM to ~$7BN AUM.

Ben holds an MBA from Azusa Pacific University and a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Kansas, where he graduated magna cum laude. Ben’s commitment to excellence and his ability to deliver strong returns for clients make him an invaluable asset to the Aspen Funds team.

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Dan Shulte

Mr. Schulte was formerly a Managing Partner at B12 Capital Partners, a private equity firm that focused on the acquisition of mid-market manufacturing and distribution companies in the Midwest. While at B12 he formed and operated B12 Real Estate Advisors, an entity that provided financing for single tenant sale-leaseback transactions. In that capacity, he also formed and managed Triple Crown Realty Trust, a real estate acquisition and development company that will convert to a REIT in 2019. He remains on the Board of Triple Crown as an independent director and Chairman of the Board.

Previously, he spent 15 years as the Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Waddell & Reed Financial, Inc., a NYSE-Listed asset management firm with $135 billion in assets under management located in Overland Park, Kansas. In that role, he advised the management, officers and directors of Waddell on all legal, compliance and corporate governance matters, including all legal issues in acquisitions, strategic investments, divestitures and regulatory compliance. As a result, he has extensive experience in the raising of capital through the public and private offerings of securities.

Dan also manages several family-owned investment entities that have direct investments in private operating companies. He is also a founding and managing member of Market Vineyards, an award-winning boutique winery located in Richland, Washington. Prior to his roles at Waddell, Daniel was engaged in the private practice of law as a transactional business and securities lawyer with the Klenda Mitchell law firm in Wichita, Kansas. He also spent two years as a tax accountant with Ernst & Young, LLP in Kansas City, Missouri. Dan is a graduate of the University of Kansas School of Law and Bethel College where he majored in Accounting and Business Administration.

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Dan Guerra

Mr. Guerra is the founder of Apta, a digital agency based in Brazil that specializes in providing marketing services for thought leaders. With a background in web design, photography, and marketing, they have worked with several 7 and 8 figure companies to establish and grow their online presence.

Their commitment to excellence and staying at the forefront of their industry has earned them a reputation as a reliable and innovative partner for businesses seeking to expand their reach. Whether you need a new website, a marketing campaign, or stunning photography to showcase your brand, this visionary entrepreneur has the expertise and talent to help you achieve your goals.

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What is passive real estate investment, and how does it work?

Passive real estate investment is a form of investing in which an individual invests their money in real estate assets without actively managing or operating the property. The investor invests capital, while an operator, such as Oak IQ, manages all aspects of the deal. Oak IQ takes care of acquisition, holding the debt, managing construction for renovation projects, and property management to take care of day-to-day operations, such as tenant screening, rent collection, and property maintenance.

What are some benefits of passive real estate investment?

The benefits of becoming a passive investor with Oak IQ are numerous. The biggest benefit for many investors is "time freedom" — The ability to grow wealth and income through real estate without demand on your time. As a passive investor, you can also receive numerous tax benefits, the potential for strong returns, recession-resistance, the preservation of capital (hedge against inflation) and more. To learn more, be sure to register for our Exit to Freedom Webinar. We cover these benefits in detail.

How risky is passive real estate investing?

As with all investments, passive real estate investments carry risk. On a risk-adjusted basis, "group investment" deals with seasoned operators like Oak IQ have statistically outperformed DIY real estate investments. We highly recommend doing your own due diligence before investing in any of our deals, and we go to great lengths to ensure you have all the information you need to make the best decision. However, it is always prudent to consult with your trusted financial advisor and tax professional before investing.

Can I get my money back any time?

Real estate is largely an illiquid investment. This is why it is such a powerful hedge against inflation, and a great way to preserve hard-earned capital from deterioration. Each of our deals have a projected hold period, usually 3-5 years. We tell our investors to expect their capital to be tied up for the projected hold period. It's possible we may exit a deal sooner than the projected hold period, if it is in the best financial interest of investors to do so.

How much money do I need to start investing in real estate passively?

Our group investment deals have a required minimum investment. That amount can vary, but a typical deal has a required minimum investment of $50,000.

What if I am not an entrepreneur? Can I still invest?

Yes! We focus on providing the very best group real estate investments possible. Our primary investors are entrepreneurs, but you don't have to be an entrepreneur in order to invest with Oak IQ. If you're interested in learning more, click here to schedule a call.